Moscow Business School is building team for participation in Moscow ski run — 2015


Moscow ski run — 2015 competition will be held on February 1 at sport base of OSUC Moscw Federation of labour organizations «Planernaya».

We invite you to join the team of Moscow Business School!
The participants could run one of the distances: 5, 10 or 40 kilometers. 5-km distance is designed for the children under the age of 15, 10 km — for youth and grown-ups. The longest distance of 40 km could run only adult participants.
Participate with the whole family; prove that MBS students are the most united and sportive! Each participant, who runs the distance, will bring scores to our team and will help to become leader in this ski run!

Bring ski and ski boots as rent-a-ski can be closed in the day of competition.
Underage participants shall submit admission from doctor; adults shall sign the paper about person responsibility for their health.
Sportsmen can get from Planernaya metro station to the place of competition and back by free bus.

You should bring document of identification.
To participate in the event you should register for it. Send your applications till January 29 to the In application you should indicate your full name, contact number, educational program at MBS, selected distance, and subject of the letter — Moscow ski run 2015. Or you can fill the registration form on our website.

We will be waiting you!