Sectoral Professional Retraining

Sectoral retraining is a series of practice-oriented programs designed specifically for those who already owe their own business or know what industry they want to start their business in. The program also suits managers, planning the development of their managerial career in a well-defined field of business activities.

Moscow Business School offers the following sectoral programs:

Each of these programs includes a full course of study and additional sectoral component. Thus, graduates of the sectoral retraining programs acquire all the modern managerial competencies necessary to operate any company or business unit, as well as specialized knowledge and skills of effective management in a particular industry.

The objective of the training is learning everything about the specifics of the organization of all business processes and best management practices in the industry. Students are encouraged to transfer their practical experience from effective management of foreign and national companies into their own business, and get advice from the experts about the issues of launching and developing their business projects.

At the end of the course, graduates will defend their thesis projects:

  • A business plan for starting a business with a detailed study of marketing, strategic and other components


  • Suggestions improvement of an existing business, developed under the guidance and with the assistance of the experienced professional trainers

Training process

Training of the sectoral retraining programs is what makes obtaining business education available at any convenient time regardless of location. To undergo the training, you will only need a computer and an internet connection.

The training process includes:

  • Tests and control papers
  • Videoconferences and online seminars with the participation of the leading experts-practitioners, which you can ask all the questions in real time
  • Access to Moscow Business School Knowledge Base such as lectures, conferences, workshops, electronic lecture notes, tutorials, expert articles
  • Participation in a large business community, which provides great opportunities to share the experience and seek for new business partners

Student of the sectoral retraining program will receive educational multimedia complex that can be installed on your computer, as well as access to the Distance Learning System.

Upon installation of an educational multimedia system on your Personal Computer, you will be able to watch video lectures; study text and graphic educational materials, look into the cases from business practice, participate in role-play games; and take tests designed for self-control. In order to access the Distance Learning System, you need an Internet connection.

Upon authorization in the DLS, you will:

  • Get full access to all training materials
  • Communicate on professional topics with tutors (MBS teachers/consultants) and fellow students
  • Take part in the group work on different business cases
  • Communicate with leading experts (business practices) via video conferences and webinars (online video seminars).

During the training process, designate the most convenient time of your preference to attend Moscow Business School Moscow office to undergo an on-site session; where you can participate in lectures, seminars, and trainings of the leading experts in your industry. There you will communicate with the representatives of your profession. Students will receive handouts.

Admission requirements:

  • Technical or Vocational Graduates or higher education
  • 1-year work experience

Training format and tuition fee:

Part time with one on-site session in Moscow, tuition fee — 1199$ (2600$)*

* — The price is valid till the [check_your_javascript_for_see_date_and_project].

Part time with one on-site session in Moscow, tuition fee — 2600$

The price given is for the whole course (1 year) with no additional payment required.
Bank installments from 6 to 36 months are available.


Upon completion the professional retraining program, each graduate will receive a Diploma of Professional Retraining, granting your rights to work in the management environment.