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The Bologna Process

The Bologna process is the process of convergence and harmonization of education systems in Europe in order to create a common European Higher Education Area. Russia joined the Bologna Process in September 2003 at the Berlin meeting of European Ministers of Education.

The objectives of the process, the achievement of which is expected by 2010, are the following:

  • building a European area of higher education as a key way for development of citizens’ mobility with possibility of employment
  • forming and strengthening the intellectual, cultural, social, scientific and technological potential of Europe
  • increase the prestige of European higher education in the world
  • ensuring the competitiveness of European higher education institutions with other systems of education in their struggle for students, money, influence
  • achievement of greater compatibility and comparability of national higher education systems; improving the quality of education
  • increase the central role of universities in the development of European cultural values, where universities are considered as carriers of European consciousness

Within the framework of the Bologna process, higher education has two levels: bachelor and master, which are recognized throughout the world.

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