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What is Moscow Technological Institute?

Moscow Technological Institute is the only institute in Russia created under the auspices of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Moscow Technological Institute solved the problem of availability and continuity of education, developed and successfully implemented own methods of distance learning in the educational process. Moreover, MTI is an extensive international chain of branches and representative offices. Large number of teachers and tutors work at MTI, they provide support for high-quality education for everyone, regardless of location, age, health, social status and educational level.

Today MTI is one of Moscow’s largest institutes with years of experience in the use of modern technologies in education, and can be proud of the graduation of many high quality professionals working for the benefit of the Russian economy in all regions of the country. MTI on the right takes one of the leading places in the «Modern Education» holding that unites a number of prestigious educational institutions to work together on the further development of the educational system of the new generation in Russia.

More detailed information about MTI can be found at official website of the Institute.

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