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What is the difference between MBA programs provided by Moscow Business School and others? Открыть на новой странице

One of the key differences is that MBA programs are implemented at Moscow Business School in the distance format that allows students to study in any convenient place at any time.

  1. The key difference between distance MBA programs provided by Moscow Business School from others is methodological and technical developments in the field of multimedia, which led to the «effect of presence» in the classroom and brought distance learning in regards of material assimilation and memorization close to full-time education.
  2. Business Club of program’s participants — communication in more than 50 cities, organized with the support of Moscow Business School regional offices and partner institutions.
  3. Moscow Business School Team. There is no private business school in Russia that can imagine having such a number of professionals, teachers and experts of the highest level. There is a pool of business experts that operates to meet the needs of business knowledge; the team is aimed at the creation of tools for the practical application in business.
  4. Moscow Business School is the only business school that was able to organize MBA-education so affordable, high-quality and modern.

Why should I or my HR-manager train employees in an MBA? Открыть на новой странице

MBA — is the only course that allows you to monitor and manage promotion and career of employees in the company.

More detailed information on corporate training can be found on the page devoted to solutions for companies.

For enrolling in MBA programs by Moscow Business School, you must have a university degree (bachelor’s, specialist’s and above), as well as employment experience for at least 2 years.

For admission to the Mini-MBA program specialized secondary education, college or technical school is enough.

How can I apply for a program and what is necessary for that? Открыть на новой странице

You should contact the Admission Office, apply for the training, indicating the necessary information about yourself as well as choose the program and specialization which you wish to study. Consultants of the Admission Office will contact you at a convenient time and provide all the necessary instructions and also advise on any issues related to the educational process.

You can also get detailed information via: ICQ: 582908604, Skype: mbsaler31 or via e-mail: All consultations are free of charge.

What documents are required for admission to the MBA program? Открыть на новой странице

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of the document of the previous education
  • Copy of work-book
  • 6 photos 3 × 4
  • Application form
  • Contract
  • Copy of certificate of the change of name (if any)

Can I qualify for training in a shorter period of time? Открыть на новой странице

If you already have an MBA degree, your training period may be reduced depending on the number of subjects which should be reexamined.

Can I enroll in the MBA program, if I’m already studying at another university? Открыть на новой странице

Yes. You can also reexamine separate disciplines by providing academic transcript from your university. For more information, please refer to the consultant of the Admission Office by phone in Moscow: +7 (495) 500-03-06 or 8 800 700 33 03 (toll-free in Russia).

I want to get a second degree. What is the difference between an MBA program and a master’s program? Открыть на новой странице

Nostrification is a procedure of recognition of foreign documents of higher and postgraduate professional education, in other words consent of the appropriate state authorities of the Russian Federation on the existence of a legitimate force of these documents on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The decision on recognition and establishment of equivalence of international documents of higher and postgraduate professional education of the Russian Federation is made by the federal education authorities on the basis of relevant international treaties of the Russian Federation.

Who should go through nostrification? Открыть на новой странице

Nostrification is not necessary if you have received a diploma of higher education:

  • in the Soviet Union until 1991
  • in the Russian Federation

Nostrification is requiered if:
You have a diploma obtained in a university/institute outside the Russian Federation.

From 1 February 2010 the recognition of certificates of foreign countries (IDO — Foreign Educational Document) is carried out in the building of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science situated at Shabolovka 33 Street.

Documents can be delivered personally or sent by mail with indication on the envelope «Recognition IDO» at the address: Shabolovka 33 Street, Moscow, 115998.

More detailed information about the recognition of qualifications of foreign countries can be found or by phone: +7 (495) 952-0940, +7 (495) 954-5216, +7 (495) 954-5302, +7 (495) 954-5502.

Is it possible to go through the procedure of nostrification during training? Открыть на новой странице

Yes, it is possible by demonstrating an application-receipt.

Distance learning is learning that is wholly or partly undertaken with the help of computers as well as telecommunicational technologies and tools. Distance learning allows a more flexible schedule for studying and combination of study at the university and job or study at another school, etc.

The main principle of distance learning is freeing students from the daily hours of classes in high school or business school, thus saving time, but at the same time providing a full education. The belief that the resulting knowledge turns out to be superficial, is erroneous. Trainee covers program independently, whereas the degree of assimilation is controlled by the teacher. To do this the student takes tests and exams, and receives a state diploma based on the positive results of the state (final) examination.

Tutor is a historically constituted special pedagogical position that ensures the development of individual educational programs for pupils and students and accompanies the individual education at university or business school in the systems of further and continuing education.

The Bologna process is the process of convergence and harmonization of education systems in Europe in order to create a common European Higher Education Area. Russia joined the Bologna Process in September 2003 at the Berlin meeting of European Ministers of Education.

The objectives of the process, the achievement of which is expected by 2010, are the following:

  • building a European area of higher education as a key way for development of citizens’ mobility with possibility of employment
  • forming and strengthening the intellectual, cultural, social, scientific and technological potential of Europe
  • increase the prestige of European higher education in the world
  • ensuring the competitiveness of European higher education institutions with other systems of education in their struggle for students, money, influence
  • achievement of greater compatibility and comparability of national higher education systems; improving the quality of education
  • increase the central role of universities in the development of European cultural values, where universities are considered as carriers of European consciousness

Within the framework of the Bologna process, higher education has two levels: bachelor and master, which are recognized throughout the world.

Is it possible to purchase the program as a gift to someone? Открыть на новой странице

Yes, provided full payment, you can execute the contract on the MBA program as a gift for someone else if he/she has a higher education and work experience.

Can the education fee be increased during the learning process? Открыть на новой странице

No, the cost of the MBA program at the time of contract’s signing is fixed for the listener and remains unchanged throughout the entire educational process.

What is Moscow Technological Institute? Открыть на новой странице

Moscow Technological Institute is the only institute in Russia created under the auspices of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Moscow Technological Institute solved the problem of availability and continuity of education, developed and successfully implemented own methods of distance learning in the educational process. Moreover, MTI is an extensive international chain of branches and representative offices. Large number of teachers and tutors work at MTI, they provide support for high-quality education for everyone, regardless of location, age, health, social status and educational level.

Today MTI is one of Moscow’s largest institutes with years of experience in the use of modern technologies in education, and can be proud of the graduation of many high quality professionals working for the benefit of the Russian economy in all regions of the country. MTI on the right takes one of the leading places in the «Modern Education» holding that unites a number of prestigious educational institutions to work together on the further development of the educational system of the new generation in Russia.

More detailed information about MTI can be found at official website of the Institute.

What is the link between MTI and Moscow Business School? Открыть на новой странице

Moscow Business School is a business unit of Moscow Technological Institute. That is why the contract for training must be concluded with this institution of higher education.

What is holding «Modern Education»? Открыть на новой странице

Holding «Modern Education» is the largest educational structure in Russia that is responsible for the development and introduction of modern educational programs. The holding includes 5 educational institutions: Moscow Technological Institute, Moscow Business School, Moscow Institute of Economics, Management and Law, Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis and Cityclass.

Will a private communication between the participants take place? Открыть на новой странице

Meetings of students in the framework of distance programs MBA Start, MBA Professional, Mini-MBA are not included in the training plan, but Moscow Business School always assists in the organization of participants’ meetings in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia and CIS with help of own branches and partners.

When does the school year begin? On September 1st or immediately after paying for tuition? Открыть на новой странице

MBA Start and MBA Professional groups start on the 5th and the 20th of each month, Mini-MBA starts 1st day of each month as soon as the group has been formed.

What does MBA Start and MBA Professional training programs look like? Открыть на новой странице

A few days before the start of your training you receive all the necessary materials by mail: complete video lectures, as well as software that is necessary for learning.

On your first training day you receive a notification from the dean by e-mail confirming your admission on the chosen MBA program, the notification shall also contain your personal login and password to enter the Distance learning System (DLS) and all the necessary instructions for further actions.

You log in to your personal account in DLS — this is your personal account where first two modules will be opened for you, your training has begun!

Further you will find a full education, electronic lectures, delivery of intermediate and final tests on the modules, participation in web conferences in real time, solving of business cases on the forum together with other students, problems’ discussion, problematic situations in the framework of the module studied in the forum and etc.

Your training will take place with the active support of tutors.

Will you replace a defective or damaged hard drive from MBA’s training software? Открыть на новой странице

Certainly, we will change a defective disk.

Will it be possible to communicate with teachers live? Открыть на новой странице

Yes, video conferencing is presumed during the learning process, in which real-time listeners of MBA Start via video will communicate with teachers and ask them questions.

Are there any restrictions for foreign citizens to enroll in training program? Открыть на новой странице

There are no restrictions; foreign citizens will have to take tests according to the Law of the Russian Federation necessary for the chosen training program.

What is your priority – listener’s work experience or the presence of a higher education? Открыть на новой странице

Both education and work experience.

Is it possible to enroll in MBA without a diploma of the first higher education? Открыть на новой странице

It is strictly necessary for enrollment in MBA (Master of Business Administration) program to have higher education (Bachelor’s finished, Specialt’s and above) in accordance with Russian law.

In case of the absence of higher education we can offer a program of professional retraining — Mini-MBA (requires secondary vocational education, college or technical school).

You can also get a first degree in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) program in the distance format at Moscow Technological Institute, more detailed information about the BBA program can be found on this page.

Is it possible to enroll in MBA Start program with an overseas diploma of higher education? Открыть на новой странице

Yes, but you have to go through the procedure of diploma’s nostrification.

Can I study this program being in another country? Открыть на новой странице

Defense of the final certification takes place in Moscow Business School campus or using remote technologies (video conference) with a connection to a group who work full-time.

Students are allowed to defend the graduation project after completion of the training in all modules of the administration of the program and receiving petitions from the supervisor of the thesis work as well as review of the work.

How many stages of testing should one pass in the process of studying MBA Start and MBA Professional? Открыть на новой странице

Listener must pass from 3 to 10 intermediate tests on each of the topics, the final tests for each module, as well as to write several written works on the studied modules 5 business days prior to the end of the period devoted for the study of each module of the program according to the recommended curriculum.

How much time should be given to the study of the module MBA Start and MBA Professional? Открыть на новой странице

Training of each student is undertaken in accordance with the recommended curriculum, in which the first two modules take about 4 calendar months, each subsequent two modules — 3 calendar months, and the final three modules — also 3 calendar months. 3 calendar months is given to a listener for preparation of a thesis.

Does the program include video conferencing and webinars? Открыть на новой странице

Yes, real-time listeners of distance MBA programs have the ability to communicate via video with teachers and ask them questions, and get answers immediately.

How much does MBA training programs cost? Открыть на новой странице

More information about the cost of the training can be found on the page tuition fee.

You can pay for your MBA programs in any convenient way:

  • By check at any convenient bank branch
  • From one current account to another
  • Visa, Master Card or Diners Club through our website
  • Payment from the legal entity

Does the learning process assume additional expenses (lectures, books, and other materials)? Открыть на новой странице

No, the amount specified in the contract at the time of admission is a full cost of the program and of all the training materials are included. There are no additional payments during the training.

To operate the software included in the program, broadband Internet access is required, for which specific fees may be charged; Moscow Business School does not pay for provider’s services and services for access to the Internet.

Which diplomas will I get after graduation? Открыть на новой странице

More information about diplomas can be found on this page.

Which place in the world as regards the number of students does MBS take? Открыть на новой странице

As of December 1, 2010 Moscow Business School was ranked 4th in the world in number of students enrolled in MBA programs.

MBA trainers and teachers are leading Russian and International practitioners. Nevertheless, each of them is available and you can ask any teacher through your tutor and receive an answer. More detailed information about the teachers can be found on this page.

You can also get a detailed consultation via: