The Advantages of Distance Learning

Today we hear more and more about the advantages of distant learning. What are they?

Staff training is the best way to stay on market

The business is growing. The competition is increasing. The goal of any company is not only to survive, but also to stay competitive the longer the better. The success of a company depends on the work of its staff. This is the reason why the issue of staff training is relevant to many companies. When considering staff training, one has to mind the company`s goals and needs. In this case it will become clear why, who, how, what and when to train. Let`s try to answer these questions.

A Couple of Facts about Professional Retraining

What is a professional retraining? What can you get out of it and how can you plan it? What benefit does the employee and the company get from it? What should be taken into consideration, while planning professional retraining and who can perform scheduled material with a maximum result?

How to Choose the Right Business School?

You decided that you want to go to a business school, but you are not sure which one, so how do you make the right choice?

Distance Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages

In the beginning the distant format was used for learning specific skills or classes (foreign languages or computer programs), now you can get business education. However the distance learning market (the main elements are information platform developers, authors of the content and educational services providers) can not be considered as something already formed. The main issue is: there is no stable representation of the essence of this service.

Heads for Business

The well-known problem of today is the shortage of personnel in almost every industry. But when a graduate comes to the employer, the company director will think twice whether to hire him/her — he/she has no experience, has only theoretical knowledge, but full of ambitions. As a result, the universities keep releasing specialists, but companies are still in demand of economists, lawyers, accountants and managers. It is easier for an employer to retrain the staff than to order the expert preparation, who will be able to start only in 5 years.
There are different kinds of education. In general, we point out professional education and training. Let`s find the differences. Also, can the organization consider costs for these purposes in the calculation of income tax?

Learning never stops

The sphere of business education is rapidly developing in our country. Domestic business schools operate successfully, and this contributes to their social recognition. Today many managers are able to get training and MBA diplomas in Russia while working.

The Career Growth Prospects

The goal of getting a higher education degree is the desire to build a career or find a new job. The same is true for the MBA with the only difference that this degree is highly estimated all around the world and opens up unlimited opportunities for career growth. People choose an MBA in order to move up the career ladder at their current workplace, or they are willing to get a job after getting an MBA. What can a business school arm you with?

The Global Economic Crisis Has Badly Affected All Sectors, Including Business Education

Despite the intense emotional situation, the demand for business education and training is growing.

There is a number of reasons for that: first of all, global workforce shortage. One can think that this only happens during the economic recovery. However, in order to use human recourses effectively during the recession period, the tighter qualification requirements are met, which makes the problem even more acute.

The Popularity of Distance Learning Education Dictates Market Prices

The fact that an MBA diploma is one of the most popular, recognized all around the world and the leader among other business programs is out of the question. Every year thousands of people, who plan to become successful and build a fast moving career in their sphere of business, spend a large amount of time, effort and money in order to get the diploma.