The Advantages of Distance Learning

Today we hear more and more about the advantages of distant learning. What are they?

First of all, distance learning is aimed at a large scale participation. The number of students studying the same programs at the same university is only determined by communicational equipment characteristics. By the way, the fact that this type of education can be obtained by a large number of people and its accessibility was the main reason for creating of this education type.

The second advantage of distance learning is its fastness. Major companies with headquarters in the USA and branches all over the world boosted the development of distance learning in the 70s. Together with a rapid growth of technology development, the received knowledge started to go out of date. The companies started to invest money into the development of distance learning courses from the world’s top universities, because, as a result, this saved time and did not distract professionals from their work.

Thirdly it is relatively cheap. On average, this kind of diploma from the western university is ten times cheaper. Yet, not all universities have online programs and not all areas of study are covered. But everything is heading in that direction.

In general, in addition to the above mentioned advantages of distance learning, we can name:

  • The possibility to study whenever and wherever you want. There are no strict deadlines
  • You can study as you work
  • The possibility to work with different sources of information (e-libraries, databanks, knowledge bases, etc.) You can communicate with your professor and other students through the Internet and e-mail
  • The information is concentrated and you have an ability to reach it anytime from anywhere
  • The use of new technologies
  • Equal possibilities of getting an education regardless of your location, health condition, elitism or your wealth status
  • Export and import of world achievements on educational service market
  • Distance learning expands the possibilities of your professor, who coordinates learning process, constantly improves his/her course, boosts his/her creativity and gets certified according to innovations
  • Distance learning affects the student in a positive way. It enhances his/her creativity and intellect due to self-organization, an ability to work with computers and make important decisions on his/her own
  • The quality of distance learning programs is as good as traditional education learning programs; on the contrary, it improves due to the professors and the usage of the best studying guides and disciplinary tests