A Couple of Facts about Professional Retraining

What is a professional retraining? What can you get out of it and how can you plan it? What benefit does the employee and the company get from it? What should be taken into consideration, while planning professional retraining and who can perform scheduled material with a maximum result?

Professionalism is a synonym of high work efficiency, high performance level, guaranteed quality results. Still, for a newly hired employee it will take years to get to the top of the professionalism in his position. Professional retraining helps to reduce temporary and organizational new employee adaptation costs, who used to work in a different area before. Retraining optimizes the personal development costs, letting the company arm the employee with necessary knowledge and skills in a short period of time.

While directing the specialist to the professional retraining, the company is counting on the repayment of its investment. This is fair, since once the employee is done with training, he/she will have more possibilities to increase his/her performance. A retrained employee builds his/her professional career faster; his/her motivation for achievements is supported by the wish to use the acquired knowledge. The improvement of the professional activity due to retraining of an individual meets his/her personal goals (improve the financial situation, implement career plans) as well as the goals of a company (get the investments repayment, profit from a better staff performance).

Professional retraining program of the certain person in a company is built considering his development plan: HR specialist determines the list of the employee’s key skills that can be developed during seminars and trainings. This list determines the educational programs, and the educational plan is being created. Evaluative activities can take place in the beginning, which helps to check the level of key abilities before and after the period of education. This will allow to draw conclusions, whether the learning program was effective or not and whether the employee investment was reasonable.

The education can be conducted by the staff specialists or by the specialist from outside the company. So we can name the advantages of working with the companies that provide you with retraining services: avoiding the attachment to the specifics of the company, getting the information from other spheres of the business, creating conditions for the safe experiment on application of completely new business skills.

Source: arsenal-hr.ru