Distance Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages

In the beginning the distant format was used for learning specific skills or classes (foreign languages or computer programs), now you can get business education. However the distance learning market (the main elements are information platform developers, authors of the content and educational services providers) can not be considered as something already formed. The main issue is: there is no stable representation of the essence of this service.

As a rule, people identify the distance format with e-learning- exclusively electronic online training. This is not really true, since e-learning is just one of the elements of a complex data transmission process.

It is more appropriate to deal with distance learning in the following classification of teaching methods. The first method is a lecture method and it is 99% of the educational system, starting from kindergarten to graduate studies. The second method is by case learning and cases discussing omitting the minor details-does not look at the situation from all sides. The third one is when the situation is being played with the help of different simulators and models use- this one is considered to be the most advanced, since the situation is being played and the appropriate skills are being acquired. The fourth is a project method, that relies on real problems which have to be solved here and now.

Distance format implies education based not only on real, but on students` own projects, built on their own experiences. In the traditional forms of education people forget about the business and for some time are being trained solely on cases. During economic collapse learning cases, that were made up not in the default conditions, does not make any sense. This is as if you will consume sturgeon that went bad.

The format choice is determined by the corresponding motivation of thelistener. Distance learning is one of the part-time educating options. If the full-time education fits those who can leave their jobs completely for a year or two, the evening education is for those who are free in the evenings, the distance learning is aimed at those who work or travel a lot.

The mixed format has lots of pluses. The main advantage is that you are not attached to the schedule or a specific place, the possibility to choose the intensity of training. A number of courses let you suspend the education when needed and move on with it later. In general distance learning programs are 30% cheaper than full-time programs.

Distance format is a situation when there is no elevator, but there is a well-structured system of steps with handrails stanchions, supports. Everything is there, you only have to walk. Can a person be a manager, when he cannot organize himself? One can say that distance learning is a professional competence test.

More and more people strive to study without being detached from their business, who realize the advantage of this situation, when not only they get the knowledge, but also skills of using them in practice. As a perspective we can talk about the merge of the distance format learning and traditional format learning.

Source: expert.ru