Learning never stops

The sphere of business education is rapidly developing in our country. Domestic business schools operate successfully, and this contributes to their social recognition. Today many managers are able to get training and MBA diplomas in Russia while working.

Representatives of different companies from different branches are interested in business education. Several years ago MBA students in Russian schools were mainly Russian commercial organizations employees. Today among the students are industrial enterprises top-managers, head of the departments of major Russian and western companies.

Statistically, the MBA graduates have higher income and get better job positions compared to those who have the same higher education and work experience.

For instance, a person willing to fulfill a high position has to possess an MBA.
There is no such strict requirement in Europe, but MBA graduates have undeniable advantages over other candidates when being hired or climbing the career ladder.
The research conducted by Begin Group company showed that the main reasons of getting business education are:

  • getting new knowledge — 72%
  • career development — 55%
  • systematization of the knowledge — 52%
  • possibility of getting new useful connections — 45%
  • possibility of income increase — 40%

Obtaining an MBA in Russia has a number of advantages. The quality of education is high, it possesses state approval by authorities recognized at the state level; new connections, that can be useful when you start your own business both in Russia and abroad. Program graduates form their understanding of the specifics of the domestic market, such as legal system, taxation, the stock market structure and many more. Any expert with a prestigious MBA diploma will get a higher level of appreciation from an actual or potential employee.

The problem is that Russian business for the most part remains intuitive, while its management is all about command. Finding a good supervisor for an MBA graduate is not easy.

The head of the Human Recourses department expects MBA graduates to have high salary expectations (76%), to be prone to change work place (38%), to be too ambitious (44%), in other words, to be asking for a raise.

However, the Begin Group research data shows that these stereotypes are not true: many MBA graduates remain loyal to the companies they work at and they are not asking for a raise after they receive MBA. As much as 50% of business schools students were willing to change their workplace after receiving their diploma in 2004, but this number dropped to 38% in 2005. The 46% (compared to 37% in 2004) are not willing to change their work field.

The applicants and the MBA students realize that business education is able to change their life and their career. That`s why when choosing the program they became pickier. Among the factors that influence the choice of business school are the faculty staff, school`s name and reputation. At the same time the tuition value decreased.

In order to ease the process of choosing any program of a business school, the West always publishes their rankings. Russia does not have any rankings. This is the reason why Russian companies representatives get their information from the Internet and rely on major media publications, rightfully believing that the respectable paper will introduce a respectable university.

Source: day-release.ru.