Natalia Zhuravleva

Some time ago I thought of additional education. Since I got a higher education in the field of information technologiеs and held a position of the Head of Information and Technical Department, it was clear that my education had to be in Management.

While studying educational institutions curricula, I understood that classical education mostly gives theoretical knowledge, but I needed up-to-date practice.

Studying the market of educational services, I found Moscow Business School. The MBA Start program impressed me, it was exactly what I was looking for — practice, current trends well-known and skilled teachers.

To begin with, I tried the «Project Management» course and made a final decision to study according to the MBA Start program. Besides, I found out that it was possible to win a grant for tuition fee discount; thus, I saved 50% of my education cost for my family.

After a while, I changed my employer — got a job in an international company in a position of Area Manager. The particularity of the employment was that it was necessary to open a new format shopping center in the city. The strands of work of my department are very specific (not trade), a lot of laborious work was necessary; the employees were recruited in the Department without my participation during my two-month training; it was necessary to make much within a very small period of time. When I was back from the training, I saw the construction in process and five subordinates who didn't understand where they got. The opening was just in two 2 months...

And in this situation the knowledge gained in MBS helped me. Everything was important there: competent statement and distribution of tasks between limited number of employees, rational time planning, motivation of the employees to take large volumes of work in difficult conditions of construction, ability to make important decisions quickly.

We solved incredible quantity of, insoluble, as it seemed then, tasks; everything had to be in time, but there were only 24 hours a day (and at least 48 were necessary!).

Besides the organization of the usual activity of the Department from scratch, I had to teach the employees what I learned within two months, to equip the office, to solve the questions of the communication equipment installation within the office space, etc. But, despite such huge pressure, we successfully opened this shopping center and even successfully carried out annual inventory (which was appointed to us for some reason by the Head office even before the opening), we adjusted work of our Department and showed excellent results.

Looking back, now I don't understand, what resources we used to succeed, but one thing is clear: to a large extent the high results were reached thanks to the knowledge gained in MBS. Now I recommend it to everyone!