Andrey Kravchenko

Lawyer (Astana)

As for me, in my attempt to study in the MBA Start program everything was a surprise and discovery. I am a lawyer and I have been administrating the team of many skilled lawyers and simply remarkable people for already a long time. It is rather difficult to correspond to the director status without professional management knowledge in such a team. The personnel is aimed at success, and this purpose — to be successful — makes the management look for opportunities to increase their qualification and experience. Otherwise it can't be. The success of the team directly depends on the ability of the director to be successful. For this reason I had to search for quite a long time for the training program which would correspond to the criteria of being up-to-date and practical, meet the really not simple schedule of work and contain valid relevant of information in the training courses.

Certainly, while choosing MBA Start I had doubts that this program corresponds to the specified criteria. But the first modules showed that all doubts were reasonless and the efficiency of gained knowledge was surprising. It is not easy to study, and it is one more unexpected issue about the remote course. Sometimes it is necessary to strain yourself pretty much, but the success from passing to the next module always becomes a catalyst to go forward and to learn new again.

I am grateful to all of the MBS team which worked over this program and I believe, you managed to make a really interesting and useful project!