Success stories

Alexey Bobko

Business consultant, key client development manager at Witology consulting company.

Alexey Bobko is known as business consultant and a business coach in one of the leading business schools. His project «D.A. Collection» that works in consulting and training sphere is the leader in professional collection sphere.

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Belyaev Vladimir


We've had our own business together with a friend for a while. It did not satisfy us neither morally nor materially.

To make up for this, I decided to get the knowledge, which, as I thought, could help us get to a new level and help to achieve constant development of our business.

This was our start.

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Kohltobina Svetlana

Business-consultant at «Strategic Decisions» company in Abakan

Before I started my MBA here, my professional development was not going anywhere.

Moreover, by a certain moment I was finally ready to start my own business, or, at least, to work as a freelancer.

Still, I did not have the special knowledge.

That was the reason why MBA program turned to be a very successful decision for me.

Even if none of the projects I was planning is not going to be fulfilled, MBA diploma will boost my future career growth.

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Koshel Sergey

Business owner

As an experienced professional in consulting sphere, I’ve seen a lot presentations of different kind, and almost everywhere I came across one problem: as soon as the presentation begins, the audience starts to yawn.

This was when I had an idea to build a power point presentation development and business support.

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Nemoga Olga

Director of the additional office in the leading bank of the Russian Federation

By the beginning of my study here I had been working as a director of a leading bank department. I was performing my job duties well, we’ve always met the deadlines. However, the 2008 default changed it all. It was necessary to think about new approaches of business. The fact that the business opened up in 2008 and was located in Moscow region did not help either.

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Nikishina Julia


It all started with an interior design TV program where a famous Italian designer Paul November was interviewed.

It was clear that I had to change my life to the best, since life's too short! This was when I realized that performing the duties of a small (or even a big) cog in a huge machine will not make me happy.

When you are a cog in the machine you know you are responsible only for a certain part of the process.

When you start your own business, you become jack of all trades: a director, an accountant, a logistics manager, a teacher, an administrator, and an IT -person.

And just in a in a month I accepted an freedom offer.

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