Anna Lazareva

Anna Lazareva

2012 г.

Theme of thesis research: «Use of low-cost retraining programs as a tool for supporting activity of consulting company (ICT services)».

Work experience: senior / leading advising engineer in information technology at such enterprises as: OLIVETTI Lexikon, FIAT Group Automobiles — ICT (Manufacturing, Business Development), CSI (Consorzio per il Sistema Informativo) Regione Piemonte, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) — IT.

Graduation thesis was dedicated to analysis and research of the following management problem, (presented at consulting IT-company, where the author was working, during thesis preparation): high percentage of employees, «released» from clients, returned to headquarter of employing company.

At the moment of economic crisis deepening in Italy and drastic drop in employment of third-party consultants by business customers, company management faced the necessity to reassess the existing methods of work, restructure business-processes, define areas of supporting company activities and its employees during hard times.

Thus, final qualification thesis was focused on thorough analysis of problematic situation emerged and its prerequisites, defining possible approaches, optimizing business activity in required context, and also proposing recommendations and possible measures aimed at solving problem under the conditions of limited budget.