MBS Students

Студенты MBS

Moscow Business School combines more than 7 000 students.


Having received the necessary knowledge and new skills, Moscow Business School graduates apply them to their professional activities with confidence. Learn about the experience they got during the process of education.

Diploma projects

The Latin word «student» stands for «person interested in something, striving for knowledge». The best expression of the pursuit of knowledge is graduate projects.

Success stories

Each student is already a specialist. Professional in business, management, advertisement and a number of spheres and other interesting fields. Success stories of the educational programs MBS listeners will tell you about the most meaningful moments of the educational process, about the results of the goals achieved.

Student feedback

Moscow Business School is not only lectures, educational programs and seminars, but it is, first of all, a communication, a possibility to share your experiences, to hear opinions. The feedback of our students will give you a chance to look at us from the inside.