Doors Open Day

Moscow Business School is the first business school in Russia, and has the 4th largest enrollment numbers in the world in the MBA programs.

Every Wednesday we invite you to take part in the Doors Open Day, where you can learn about the MBA programs, the benefits of distance learning and ask experts any questions you have. For your convenience, communication with participants is held in the webinar format — distance virtual classroom for a visit of which loudspeakers or headphones are enough.

Weekly as part of the Doors Open Day master classes in the internal format are also held with participation of experts from Moscow Business School. The participants of the event will learn how to maximize the impact of training, putting the knowledge and business skills into practice.

During the event, students learn how to plan and implement a successful career strategy, and the ways for effective development and management of their own business.

Connect on , beginning at 19:00, it is free, registration is required.

Program of the event:

30 minutes — the performance of Moscow Business School executives:

  • Presentation of the business school, international partners, teachers and clients
  • MBA programs, objectives of admission, learning outcomes
  • Presentation of MBA programs provided by Moscow Business School, information about diplomas, internships and full-time sessions
  • Advantages of Distance Learning format, presentation of DLS by Moscow Business School

30 minutes — the performance of the consultant of Admission Office:

  • The admission conditions in the MBA program of the Moscow Business School
  • Tuition fees, special offers, etc.

30 minutes — a dialogue with the audience, answering questions

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Персональные данные предоставляются мной с целью получения различного рода консультаций иили подачи заявки на обучение на программах MBA от Moscow Business School.

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Moscow Business School гарантирует конфиденциальность и защиту полученных от абитуриента данных, в соответствии с Федеральным законом «О персональных данных» № 152-ФЗ от 27.07.2006 г. Moscow Business School не передает полученные данные третьим лицам.

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