«The Modern Education» Holding

«The Modern Education» Holding is the biggest educational structure in Russia, engaged in the development and introduction of modern educational programs.

As for today, the holding company includes 4 educational institutions:

Moscow Technological Institute

tel. 8 800 700 33 03, +7 (495) 500 03 06
www.mti.edu.ru, info@mti.edu.ru
Kedrova street, 8, building 2, Moscow, 117292

Moscow Technological Institute is one of the few Russian universities providing students with not only full-time, but also distance learning type of education of a good quality. The successful implementation of distance learning programs significantly raised the number of students and provided Russians and CIS residents with the Moscow University advantages without having to move to another city. Over 15 years of educational activities at MTI helped tens of thousands of its graduates get decent education, without being detached from work, and without changing their lives.

MTI offers 9 areas of specialization and 64 training programs based on the first and second higher education, master’s degree and BBA. The following forms of education are available: full-time, part-time, distance, and weekend learning. Those who already have higher, incomplete higher and secondary special education are provided with to program reduction. There are professional courses, training and short-term professional courses.

Educational license: License of series ААA no. 000025 of 19.07.2010
State Accreditation Certificate: License of series BB no. 000599 of 19.07.2010
Routing Number: Moscow Technological Institute (MTI) Routing Number Moscow Technological Institute (MTI)

Moscow Business School

tel. 8 800 700 33 03, +7 (495) 500 03 06
http://www.mbschool.ru, info@mbschool.ru
Leninskii prospect 38a, Moscow, 119334

Moscow Business School was founded as a joint project of the major Russian businessmen, who decided to create a business school of an international level. The quality of education and services of the school is the same as in Europe.

Among the MBS tutors are hundreds of practicing experts in the field of business, professors and highly qualified coaches, talented marketing specialists, finance and management consulting specialists. With their help over 270 multimedia courses were developed, about 100 courses are being held monthly and over 100 different webinars are conducted.

About 8000 students are enrolled in MBA programs, among corporate MBS clients are over 150 largest companies of Russia and the world.

Educational license: License of series ААA no. 000025 of 19.07.2010, see also attachment № 1 page 2
Educational license: License of series BВ no. 000074 of 16.04.2010
State Accreditation Certificate: License of series BB no. 000599 of 19.07.2010
Routing Number: Moscow Business SchoolRouting Number Moscow Business School

Scientific and methodological development exchange, as well as the unification of academic base of several institutions from different areas of educational helped strengthen the position each of them individually, and the holding as a whole.

The professors of the «Modern Education» holding.

«The Modern Education» holding has one of the best faculty staff among universities of Russia.

The professors are have a high level of experience and practical activity in industrial production, construction, and various areas of business and psychology. Also, among MBS professors are the leading researchers of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, experts of large companies and employees of the Government of the Russian Federation.

It is important to note that due to the use of technologies in the educational process, the professors are always available to be consulted, asked for help while working on a diploma project.

The bright future of the «Modern Education» holding students.

The «Modern Education» holding is an international net of educational institutions, and it offers 57 majors in 11 areas of knowledge, including the highly professional business education from Moscow Business School.

Studying the most popular majors from the best professors, the students of «Modern Education» holding are always in demand. Moreover, the holding has a career center for its students, so their future is secured.

The «Modern Education» holding educated professionals for more than 75 major Russian and international companies.

«Modern Education» holding implies 10 years of successful implementation of distance learning programs.

All holding members have successful experience implementing unique distant multimedia and mobile educational practice technologies into the area of educational programs.

United educational space:

  • boosted the educational process
  • qualitatively improved the methodological and pedagogical, educational and scientific activities

Distance learning format that the holding «Modern Education» uses makes it easier for all the Russian residents to get the education.

Advantages of «Modern Education» holding:

  • Distance learning education
  • 24 hour access to the leading professors` and the best experts` video lectures, also access to the e-library
  • Forums and online seminars communication with professors and other students
  • Individual curriculum and major courses professors support
  • Free access to midterms and finals
  • Assistance with employment

The use of modern internet-technologies opens up a great range of possibilities for the students of the «Modern Education» holding, the communication and exchange of experiences.

The «Modern Education» holding determines the prospects of education in Russia.

The Russian education must reach a new level in the near future. The development and the expansion of the «Modern Education» holding will ensure the availability of higher education to the general population of Russia.

Place of residence, income rate, health condition and other circumstances, as a result of which a person can not get a full-time education, will no longer be an obstacle on a way to a higher education.