Innovative MBA programs from the leading business school

The MBA degree (Master of Business Administration) is a qualifying degree in management (administration). MBA qualification implies an ability to do the work of middle and senior managers. This is the best known qualification in business administration, which confirms that its recipient possesses key management skills.

According to research based on open source data of HeadHunter company, many employers offer MBA graduates a perfectly good salary, which varies from 5000 to 12 000 USD.

MBA programs of Moscow Business School

Moscow Business School MBA programs include modern full-time, part-time and distance practice oriented education programs. These programs were developed by leading experts of the market, trainers and teachers with a wealth of experience in business education. During the study at MBS you can get cutting-edge knowledge, techniques and solutions, which will help to reveal a different perspective of doing business, to develop progressive systematic approach to problem-solving and to find brand new ways of business development.

MBA Professional — from 3900$

14 modules + specialization, 2 years of education

MBA Professional is a number of distance and full-time programs specializing in business management field, focused on middle and senior managers as well as professionals who want to progress up the career ladder.

MBA Professional studies consist of two parts:

  1. mastering in basic modules devoted to a particular aspect of business management: change management, human resource management, financial management, etc.;

  2. in-depth study within the chosen specialization.

MBA Start — 3400$

15 modules, 2 years of education

MBA Start is a distance learning program that matches the MBA General standards, which high efficiency is achieved through extensive use of video lectures as well as a number of other educational activities that allow distance learning close to full-time (web-conferences, webinars, discussion workshops, regional and functional communities, etc.).

Professional retraining — 2100$

8 modules, 1 year of education

Professional retraining is a distance education program that maintains all advantages and benefits of modern education in management and business fields and focuses mainly on practice. The main purpose of this type of education is fast and efficient help to achieve specific goals such as professional retraining, a direction change in career development, foundation of own business or optimization of the existing company.

Sectoral MBA programs — from 6700$

15 modules and residential sessions, 2 years of education

Sectoral MBA is a series of practice-oriented programs developed specifically for business owners or people who want to launch a new business in one of the proposed industries as well as for managers, planning to grow in their managerial career within one of these areas of activity. Each program includes full distance MBA course and additional practice-oriented part, which gives specialized knowledge and skills of effective management in a particular industry.


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